RICK W. CARANFA Curriculum Vitae

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Akens Engineering Associates, Inc. has been established since 1984. The company serves a diverse private client base and as always my duties are market influenced and as my experience has diversified I have been able to assist either the Subdivision and Land Development or Quarrying divisions of the Company. Since 2008 I have been co-owner of Akens Engineering and am primarily responsible for the Mining Division since 2006.

Since 1997 my experience has been project management for all aspects of Large Non-coal Surface Mine Permits in Pennsylvania and Maryland. I managed processes including design, mine planning, site evaluations, Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessments, Hydrology, design sampling programs, erosion and sedimentation pollution control, geology, reserve analysis, storm water management, aerial mapping, surveying, environmental impact resolution, subdivision, land development, and zoning analysis.

Additional general duties include; site design using AutoDesk Civil 3D, Erosion & Sedimentation Pollution Control Plans, Stormwater Management Plans, Labor & Industry Plans, Phase 1 Environmental Assessments, Highway Occupancy Permits, Sewage Facility Planning Modules, and various permitting for the Department of Environmental Protection. On-Lot Sewage Disposal System Design. Spill, Prevention, Countermeasures Control Plans.

Our quarry department has provided services for Pennsy Supply, Inc., Hanson Aggregates Pennsylvania LLC, Lehigh Cement, Highway Materials Inc., York Building Products, R.E. Pierson Materials Corp., R.E. Pierson Construction, and the former D.M. Stoltzfus Inc. I have performed a variety of tasks for this firm under the supervision of a Licensed Engineer, Surveyor, and a Licensed Professional Geologist.

Specific jobs have included:

Project Manager and assisted in the preparation of a modification to an underground industrial minerals permit Millard Quarry Major Revision SMP Underground Mine - 12/10/2012

Prepared NPDES Permit Renewals for the following recent sites:

Newport Quarry NPDES Renewal 2012 – High Quality Watershed Silver Spring Quarry NPDES Renewal 2009

Summit Quarry NPDES Renewal 2010 Millard Quarry NPDES Renewal 2012 Thomasville NPDES Renewal (2) 2011

Dromgold Quarry NPDES Renewal 2011
Evansville NPDES Renewal 2012
Richmond NPDES Renewal Pending – High Quality Watershed
Bonny Brook Quarry NPDES Renewal 2011 – Exceptional Value Watershed

The following NPDES Renewals include addressing the 2012 revised PADEP BMR policy which requires water quality characterization

Prescott Quarry NPDES Renewal 3/2013 East Petersburg NPDES Renewal Fiddlers Elbow Quarry Renewal Fontana Quarry Renewal

Newville Quarry Renewal Hummelstown Quarry Renewal

I have managed or assisted in preparing the following recent projects all of which included application to PADEP for a new or revised Large Noncoal Surface Mine Permit:

Hummelstown Quarry Major Revision SMP & NPDES 2009 Silver Spring Quarry Major Revision SMP 2006
Silver Spring Quarry Minor Modification SMP 2012
Mount Holly Quarry Minor Modification SMP 2011

Summit Quarry Major Revision 2013
Fiddlers Elbow Quarry Minor Revision SMP
Small Mountain Quarry New SMP 2012
Millard Quarry Major Revision SMP 2011
Millard Quarry Major Revision 2007
Pittston Quarry Major Revision (2) SMP 2012
East Petersburg Quarry Permit Transfer 2008
East Petersburg Minor SMP Revision 2010
Landisville Permit Transfer 2008
Landisville Minor SMP Revision 2011
Prescott Minor SMP Revision 2012
Prescott Major Prescott Revision 2006
E.E. Kough & Sons Quarry Ownership Change 2012 Middleport Quarry Permit Transfer Pending
Middleport Quarry Major Permit Revision Pending Rheems Permit Transfer
Glen Mills Quarry Major Permit Revision 2012 Bloomsburg Quarry New SMP 2012
Sugar Run Quarry New SMP 2012
Downingtown Quarry Major Permit Revision 2012 Fiddlers Elbow North Quarry Transfer and Major Revision Pending Milton Quarry – New Permit

I have managed and prepared for the above projects: operations maps, reclamation plans, mine planning, cross sections, consent of landowner forms, ownership modules, hydrology modules, air quality modules, wetland modules, special protection watershed modules, erosion and sedimentation pollution control and stormwater management for Large Noncoal Surface Mines.

I have prepared and managed a new large noncoal surface mine permit for Pennsy Supply Inc., Small Mountain Quarry. The project was unique in its design due to its location within a High Quality Class "A" trout stream watershed with exceptional value wetlands. The project also required addressing a federally protected species. I have testified at numerous conditional use and zoning board hearings for this project. I have co-authored reports submitted to the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board in supporting the permit issuance for this project. The new permitting allowed for the expansion of Small Mountain Quarry and included stormwater management reports, NPDES Discharge permits and Erosion and Sedimentation Pollution Control.

I have prepared the Land Development Plan for this project. Project Management included coordinating complex federal, state, and local permit processes.

Assisted in the development of a southerly expansion of County Line Quarry, Inc. The development included a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment. Prepared volume calculations to support economic analysis. Assisted in preparing a Zoning Change request from Rural Agriculture to Quarry. I presented and testified at a Public Hearing requesting the Zoning Change. Prepared the Erosion and Sedimentation Pollution Control plan for the Permit.

Prepared Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment for Pennsy Supply Inc, MFS Tracts 7 and 8. Prepared sketches to assist in determining the possibility of relocating existing Killinger Creek.

Assisted in preparation of the Zoning Hearing Board for Height restriction variance for the Fines Grind Plant at Hummelstown Quarry, Inc. Testified on behalf of Pennsy Supply, Inc. at Zoning Hearing Board. Prepared Land Development for the Fines Grind Plant.

Prepared the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment for Pennsy Supply Inc, Byler Property at Prescott Quarry. Prepared the Highway Occupancy Permit at the Prescott Quarry for the Asphalt Shingle Recycling Plant. Assisted in the economic viability of the Easterly expansion of Prescott Quarry through volume calculations for proposed expansion area.

Prepared Spill, Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures(SPCC) Plans for numerous Pennsy Supply locations. Assisted in the ALTA Land Title plans for D.M. Stoltzfus Inc. Talmage and Cedar Hill Quarries.

Assisted in the preparation of a Hydrostatics Report for the proposal of the construction of Non-Potable water supplies located at the Paxton Street Yards for Pennsy Supply, Inc. Calculations were necessary due to the location of the proposed wells within the Regulatory Flood Elevation. The report determined that the proposed wells as designed had sufficient downward force to offset any upward forces that would be created by flooding to the regulatory elevation.

Assisted in the preparation of Phase 2 Intrusive Studies Site Evaluation for Tony’s Sunoco Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Facility I.D. Number 39-40694. The project consisted of overseeing drilling operation to collect soil samples of an existing gas station. The results were then incorporated with the soils descriptions to provide the PADEP with an accurate assessment of any possible subsurface contamination. The PADEP was also provided a site specific examination of the relationship of the water table location, known contaminated sites within the surrounding area, and the low probability of groundwater contamination from the subject site. Upon the issuance of no further action necessary from the PADEP, I assisted in the Land Development of this site. This particular phase of this project consisted of site design incorporated into Land Development plans, Highway Occupancy Permits, Erosion & Sedimentation Pollution Control Plans, Labor & Industry Plans, & BOCA Plans.

Assisted with the preparation of the “Joint Federal/State Application for the Alteration of any Floodplain, Waterway, Tidal or Nontidal Wetland in Maryland”, for the Relocation of Watercourse #3, Elk Mills Quarry, Third Election District, Cecil County, Maryland. This project consisted of the determination of Pre-Development runoff & the Post-Development runoff using the United States Department of Agriculture - Soil Conservation Service - Engineering Division’s Technical Release 55, June 1986 edition as a guideline. This consisted of determining the weighted Runoff Curve Numbers, using the Hydrologic Soils Groups, the Times of Concentration, and the Travel Times. Using these figures a new 650' grass lined trapezoidal stream channel was designed which transported the design flows to a riser and barrel which allowed for the settling of sediment. The design proposed in stream boulders to create riffles and pools sufficient to replicate the existing conditions. The flow was then designed to enter a corrugated metal pipe which allowed for transport of the design flows through excessive slopes without creating a condition conducive to extreme erosion. The flow then re-enters the existing stream channel. The design preserved the natural, scenic, historic, aesthetic, and scenic values while allowing for the expansion of quarrying operations. Stormwater quantity as well as stormwater quality was considered for the design of this relocated stream.

Assisted with the permitting and design of Springford Village Walking Bridge. The project consisted of a proposed foot path to link different areas of a planned residential community located in Lower Paxton Township, Dauphin County, PA. The at grade bridge was proposed to cross an unnamed tributary to Nyes Run, adjacent floodplains, and wetlands. The Joint Permit Application prepared by others was incorporated into the design and the Erosion and Sedimentation Pollution Control Plan. Disturbance to the wetlands was designed to be limited to those areas necessary to construct the proposed facilities. Proposed Erosion and Sedimentation Pollution Control facilities were designed to minimize impact upon the wetlands. The project met the criteria for the Department of Environmental Protection’s policy for insignificant wetland impact and did not require mitigation.

Susquehanna Marketplace, Susquehanna Township and Lower Paxton Township, Dauphin County, PA - assisted with Subdivision and Land Development for Commercial property. Specifics included horizontal and vertical roadway design, sanitary and storm sewer design, and stormwater management and Erosion and Sedimentation Pollution Control facility design. Preliminary designs for stream relocation and wetland mitigation to be incorporated with permanent regional stormwater management facility. Due to the enormous amount of earthwork being conducted on the site numerous volume calculations were prepared to insure cut and fill’s balanced for the site. As specific site conditions were encountered revised site grades were developed to allow for maximization of land use.



Light-Heigel and Associates, Inc. is a full service engineering firm established in 1959. My experience with this firm varied as specific markets dictated. Beginning with a dual purpose to provide services as a rodman assisting the survey instrument person with property surveys, construction layout, and topographic surveys. Assisted with Phase 1 Environmental Assessments. Additionally providing percolation testing in compliance with the Department of Environmental Resources guidelines for On-Lot Sewage Disposal Systems. My experience progressed to instrument person, which consisted of performing property surveys, construction stakeout, and topographic surveys under the guidance of licensed surveyors. Duties included the operation of total stations, electronic field data collection, downloads of raw data to PC, deed plots, and property boundary reconnaissance. In June 1994 I earned my certification as a Sewage Enforcement Officer and expanded my experience assisting with Light-Heigel’s Sewage Enforcement program which included approximately 17 separate municipalities within Berks, Dauphin, Schuylkill, and York Counties.

Responsibilities included assisting in the initial site inspection which verified that the test site met: all setbacks to buildings, impervious surfaces, treatment and dosing tanks, wells, surface waters and springs, existing sewage disposal systems, and property lines; the test site slope was within the maximum allowable for the type of proposed system; soil classification from the U.S. Soil Conservation Mapping; and descriptions of the deep soils probe to determine the type and depth of limiting zones (i.e. layers which inhibit downward passage of effluent, such as fragipans, clay lenses, and impermeable rock formations or layers which provide no renovation, such as rock formations with insufficient fine materials between the rocks, gravel beds lacking soils, creviced bedrock, rock outcrops, saturated soils, and perched water tables. Detailed soils descriptions were prepared for each identified zone describing: color(Munsell color identification), texture, consistency, fragmentation, structure, grade, size, mottling-(abundance, contrast, and boundary type).

Upon favorable results from the initial site inspection conducted percolation tests to determine the average contact time of sewage with renovative soil. The tests were conducted to determine that the sewage will have enough contact time with the soil to allow for the breakdown of harmful bacteria as well as to determine that the sewage will flow through the soil without creating a surface malfunction caused by poor permeability.

Assisted in reviewing system designs, inspections of systems being constructed, all relevant record keeping, site inspections of malfunctioning systems, and with private designs of elevated sand mounds and seepage beds.



Geoservices is Privately Held; 5001-10,000 employees; Oil & Energy industry, international petroleum service company in which Mud Logging has been the core activity since 1960. Geoservices operates more than 200 units with a 40% market share worldwide (except North America).

Provided mudlogging services including collection, preparation, bagging, and description of cuttings; measurement, monitoring,

recording, and interpretation of drilling parameters. Prepared mudlog and pressure log in conjunction with detailed Lithologic Descriptions of cuttings. Constructed a Masterlog for each well.
Monitored downhole parameters using ALS-5000 software which provided measurements for: rate of penetration, rpm’s, mud weight in-out, density in-out, circulation time, H2S gas, and in conjunction with a flame ionization detector, all necessary gas parameters. These parameters were monitored for safety aspects as well as incorporated into the masterlog of the well. General duties included both offshore and onshore drilling rigs throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Ensured that all instruments ran properly in poor environmental conditions. Followed all safety rules and regulations to assure quality workmanship.

Provided Mudlogging services for the following:
Onshore Petroleum Exploration Porto San Giorgio, Italy, for SELMA;

Offshore Petroleum Exploration Takoradi, Ghana, Africa, for Ghana National Petroleum;
Offshore Petroleum Exploration Luanda, Angola, Africa for Conoco Cegonha;
Onshore Petroleum Exploration Wadi Bana, Arab Republic of Yeman, Middle East for Yeman Hunt Oil Co.

Continuing Education/Training

Erosion & Sediment Manual Training, Pennsylvania Association of Conservation Districts, 2012
Annual Oil & Gas Industry Training, PADEP, 2011
Chapter 102 Update Training for the Regulated Community, PADEP Bureau of Watershed Management, 2010 Groundwater Sampling, Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists, 2009
Hydrology & Management of Karst Groundwater Resources, Pennsylvania Council of Professional Geologists, 2008 A Review of Geology for the Practicing Geologist & The Professional Geologist Examination, Pennsylvania Council of

Professional Geologists, 1999
Stormwater Management, Penn State University, 1998 & 2005


Sewage Enforcement Officer Certificate Number 02657


University of Pittsburgh Alumni Association Geological Society of America
Milton Hershey School Alumni Association
West Hanover Township Zoning Hearing Board, Chairman


Autodesk Civil 3D, Excel, Word, Stormwin, Flowmaster, VT/PUSHM, PondPack, Total Station, Static GPS & Electronic Data Collection.